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Convert Lotus Notes Archive Files to Outlook PST Format

In layman language, archiving can be referred as the process of storing messages safely in an archive folder. Due to emergence of mails as the most common utility for communicating, there has been a significant rise in the risk of losing these mails. Archiving serves to be a valid choice so as to save the accumulated mails. In general, it is usually recommended to archive the mails so as to prevent the database size from exceeding the maximum limit. In this blog post we will discuss about the archive files of Lotus Notes. Also you can get to know the process to Convert Lotus Notes Archive Files to Outlook.

Archiving In Lotus Notes

To save email messages that you receive or send, it is advised to develop a regular practice to archive them.Same is the case with mails in Lotus Notes. Archiving helps to store the older messages which are not frequently used, in a separate folder. The process helps to optimize the working of Lotus Notes and also helps to save the unnecessary space that would have been wasted to save older messages. The archived messages in Lotus Notes are stored in a separate archive folder in the user system. The archive process can be made automatic by defining the time period after which you want to get your messages archived.This enables to clear out some space in your Notes database and can be easily accessed afterwards.No hampering whatsoever is done with the original formatting of the mails once they are archived.These archived messages are also secured as they can only be accessed from your local machine.

Accessing Lotus Notes Archive Files In Outlook

Suppose you have archived some important mails related to a previous tender project in Lotus Notes archives. It may happen that your boss or a colleague of yours, require those emails. You will obviously copy the required messages from the archive folder and hand it over. But it is only after sometime the realization swipes across your mind that the Notes archived emails cannot be opened just like that in Outlook. This is because the file formats of Lotus Notes and MS Outlook have different structures entirely. Notes support NSF file format and Outlook supports PST file format.Now the only option left with you is to convert the NSF files to Outlook PST format. But the question is How to convert Lotus Notes archive files to Outlook?

Solution to Convert Lotus Notes Archive Files to Outlook

There are manual procedures which convert can convert Lotus Notes archive files to Outlook PST file format.But due to the unnecessary efforts and all the complications associated with them, they are less preferred. These methods do not guarantee a safe and secured conversion of archived mails of Lotus Notes to Outlook. Any interruption in the manual method may ultimately lead to corruption of archive folder and hence permanent deletion of Lotus Notes mails.

Thus to avoid all the above discussed drawbacks, it is advised to switch to a third party tool. One such third party tool is Export Notes. The tool facilitates the conversion of NSF files to PST format in just a few simple steps. The tool guarantees maintenance of folder hierarchy after the NSF file is converted to PST format.Thus by deploying this tool,you can easily convert the Notes archive files to Outlook format.


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